Have you tried this pudding recipe ..?
Potato pudding chocolate biscuit pudding recipe is one you should try. Want to know how to make it? we are just practicing how to make it.
Here are the materials needed.

Pudding Ingredients:
- 500 grams Potatoes, peeled and steamed
- Butter 100 grams
- Egg yolks 4 btr
- Egg white 1 btr
- Sugar 200 grams
- Milk 100 ml liquid
- Chocolate biscuits 200 grams

To layer:
- Fresh milk 650 ml
- Jelly 1 pack
- 125 g sugar
- Chocolate powder 2 tablespoons
- Whipped cream 150 ml

How to Make it:

- Prepare a baking sheet size 20 x 20 x 6 cm. then Puree potatoes while hot, stir in the butter until blended, then set aside.

-Beat the egg yolks, egg whites and sugar until thick and dissolve, then enter the smooth potato and milk alternately with whipped until blended. Enter the batter into the pan, steamed in a hot steamer for 40 minutes until cooked, remove from heat.

- Arrange biscuits on top surface of the potatoes until the potatoes covered by a layer of biscuits, then set aside.

- then layer of pudding: Boil the milk, jelly, sugar, stirring until blended. Enter a chocolate that has been in the dissolved, stir well, pour into the whipped cream, then stir until blended.

- Pour pudding mixture onto the biscuit layer, flatten, store in refrigerator until the dough hardens. Remove from pan, cut - cut and serve while cold